About The ABCs and All of Me

Happy, active learning. Happy, confident child.


The ABCs and All of Me is the step-by-step early literacy program that opens the door to the world of reading for all young children.

Through singing, moving, touching, and feeling, your child will learn the essential skills it takes to read. Practice is purposeful play with The ABCs and All of Me and in very little time your child will be happily and confidently reading books.

This whole child approach to reading is based on the latest research in developmental learning. It was created by Melanie Herrmann, a preschool, Kindergarten, Resource, and ESL teacher, with the help of over 200 diverse kindergarteners.

Whether hesitant or confident, learning-challenged or multilingual, your child will actively and joyfully learn to read with The ABCs and All of Me.

Happy Learning. Happy Child!