CREATORS Of The Program

Melanie Herrmann

Melanie Herrmann earned her BS and MS degrees in Early Childhood Ed and Family Sciences from Brigham Young University. She taught Kindergarten and Resource early in her career, taking time out to raise her own young children. This time included running a neighborhood preschool, The Children's Garden, and serving as a National Rep for the Council for Professional Early Childhood Recognition.

Melanie returned to teaching public school kindergarten and ESL in the brink of No Child Left Behind. Her service for the Council inspired her to bring all students to competency through developmentally appropriate teaching. With the help of over 200 diverse Utah kindergarteners she developed The ABCs and All of Me early reading program.

A son with neurological challenges kindled her interest in the brain and neuroplasticity. She became OMC certified in Neurofeedback through EEG Institute, and has trained brains since 2008. She is also a certified PACE (Processing & Cognitive Enhancement) provider.

As founder of All of Me Literacy and Neurobility Link, it is her hope to motivate children and families who are struggling with cognitive/learning challenges. "Never settle. God has given each of us a glorious brain with the capacity to change and learn beyond what we can even imagine. Nothing is impossible. Let's do what it takes to be the best we can be."

Chelsea Herrmann

Chelsea Herrmann recently graduated with an MBA from Utah State University. She has a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University and has been awarded numerous art awards and scholarships in her young career. A highlight of her art education was studying for the summer in Italy. She is a commissioned artist and has enjoyed illustrating The ABCs and All of Me early reading program because she knows the program works. She currently works in Marketing at Henriksen Bultler Design Group of SLC, Utah.

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Mary Kay Gaydos

Mary Kay Gaydos Gabriel is a freelance photographer and folklorist. Gabriel has taught writing and museum development courses at Utah State University, and has exhibited artwork and fine art photographs in national art fairs and galleries. Her work has been published in numerous national magazines, industry publications, musician CDs, websites, and she has displayed in both multiple and individual juried exhibitions.

Her previous professional experience includes over twenty-five years in information systems analysis, project development, web initiatives, and management at McDonnell Douglas, General American Life Insurance Companies, and Maritz, Inc. She served as Curator of the USU Museum of Anthropology from 2008-2010. She currently practices her arts in Smithfield, UT and Portland Oregon. Visit to see her work.

Linda Jean Hartman

Linda Hartman is a recently retired music teacher with experience teaching all ages. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Brigham Young University. She has worked extensively with English Language Learners and recognizes a real need for engaging, multi-sensory teaching materials. She has enjoyed creating music for The ABCs and All of Me! and hopes it will benefit children of all backgrounds and abilities. Linda lives in Utah with her husband. For more information please visit

Jaime Hartman Gutierrez

Jaime Hartman Gutierrez has a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. She has performed in many operas, playing the roles of Carrabino, Perichole, Gianetta, and Bastienna. In creating the lyrics for the ABC Classical selections, her goal was to teach the letter names and sounds simply and clearly hoping children will recognize and remember the melodies for a lifetime. Jaime lives in Utah with her husband and three children who love the Classical ABCs and are learning from them!