Notes from Parents of Melanie Herrmann's Kindergarteners


"Thank you so much for making (our daughter's) first year of school so wonderful. She has thoroughly enjoyed the songs you taught her about letters and the sounds they make. She has come home and taught them to her little brother in 'baby school.'"


"You make learning fun. I can't wait until your book/CD is published. What a great way to learn letters and their sounds. It is so creative! The books that go along with the songs are much more interesting than the other early readers I have seen."


"We are writing to express our gratitude for the wonderful classes you have given to the PM kids. (Our son's) grades have improved markedly over the past few months. We have also noticed that he now can read by himself. We are impressed with your teaching. He is very lucky to be your student this year."


"We appreciate your magic. Your kind attention to the children and all the details has really taken them such a long way since those first days of school. It is amazing to watch (our daughter) read, write and compose written sentences . . . sing new songs. You worked wonders with her and the band of PM kids."

Jarvis and Robin

"(Our son) has loved being in your class. He is always so excited to share with us the things he is doing in school, and he loves to read. We have caught him up late with his flashlight reading in bed. Learning to read has improved his self-confidence. Thanks for making learning so much fun."


"(Our son) has never once, all year, not wanted to go to school. Thank you for helping teach my child to read and be happy."