Melanie Herrmann's Kindergarteners

The ABCs and All of Me early reading program was developed with the help of over 200 diverse Utah kindergarteners. Meet some of these exceptional children and see the exciting data here.

Meet Emma

Emma was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder and struggled to hear individual sounds in words (phonemes) and connect letter names and sounds. With The ABCs and All of Me she more than quadrupled her proficiency scores in a few short months.

Meet Giselle

Gisselle came to my classroom from Mexico the week before Christmas vacation. She did not speak any English and knew no letter names or sounds. She could not understand anything I said, but was immediately engaged with The ABCs and All of Me letter song and movements. By March she had exceeded benchmark proficiency and was beginning to read.

Meet Peter

Peter came to my classroom in mid October. He was not potty trained. His language was unintelligible. He could not identify a dog, a tree, or the sun. When tested by the school psychologist he scored in the “lowest 1% of the lowest 1% of children his age.” It was recommended he be moved to a severe special ed classroom.

One Utah School's ESL Kindergarten Proficiency
See the results before and after The ABCs and All of Me program.