Testimonials and Data from Teachers Using
The ABCs and All of Me

Beverly Cantwell | Adam's Elementary

"I highly recommend this wonderful literacy approach. This is my 5th year teaching Kindergarten. This is the first year that all of my students reached benchmark at mid-year. I teach in a Title 1 school. I have 22 students in my class. Nine of these students come from homes where English is their second language.

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Julianne Anderson | Edith Bowen Laboratory School Kindergarten, USU

"I absolutely love teaching with The ABCs and All of Me program, and may use it forever as my introductory alphabetic mastery program. The children were delightfully, as well as fully engaged in learning the letter names and sounds. They especially loved being able to act out the songs each day. I let them freely move through the room doing the actions for each new letter as it was introduced. They became confident in applying their alphabetic knowledge into broader literacy applications through the follow up activities, which offer even the most reluctant learners enough repetitions to succeed. I loved having many ways to use the same letter reference as a foundation from which to launch into greater alphabetic mastery of each letter until the student is reading. It was nice to have the basic sight words introduced in the context of the same program.

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Rachel Owens | Cache School District

"The ABCs and All of Me literacy program worked wonders with my English Language Learners and the test scores show it! It helped build a foundation of phonemic awareness and academics with my kindergarten students and it helped bridge the gap between language and literacy for my first grade students. My own preschool child was having a difficult time learning his letters, no matter what method of instruction I used. The music program was very successful for him. He is now ready for kindergarten and excited about learning! Thanks so much!"

Pam Reutzel | Adams Elementary

"I have used the "The ABC's and All of Me" big book, CD with songs for letters, alphabet cards and sheets to go along with each letter this past year as a kindergarten teacher. I love them. I will use them again next year. I love the way students "search, say, and produce" letters. Using movement in the songs to reinforce letters and sounds is very fun and effective. I fully recommend this program as scientifically based and appealing to children."